Mercedes Transmission Reset Procedures

posted by Mark S.

When a Shift Adapt Reset is Needed

Resets should be performed after all rebuilt transmission installs. One should also be completed after any service work that involves reprogramming the TCM/PCM or replacing components.

Sometimes an aftermarket scan tool can complete the reset just fine on its own. If it can’t, then you will need to do so manually. A basic how-to on this topic follows:

Steps to Completing a Shift Adapt

Fortunately, shift adapts are relatively easy, as long as the technician follows the steps necessary. These can be broken down as follows. Keep in mind that this is a general guide to resetting shift adapts intended to apply to as many vehicle models as possible, and you should always consult the automobile’s manual for special procedures or circumstances.

  1. The first step is to complete whatever repairs or maintenance brought the vehicle into the shop in the first place. You may want to hold off on a post-service test drive until the shift adapt process is completed.
  2. Make sure to clear all DTC codes from the TCM.
  3. Check the transmission fluid level and temperature. It should be around 150 degrees F (about 65 C) before beginning the process.
  4. Start the vehicle. Set the shift lever in neutral, move it into drive, and then return it to neutral. Wait five seconds, then repeat this process four more times.
  5. Gently increase engine speed to the equivalent of 45 mph, then gently decelerate. Do this five times.
  6. Repeat step five, but raise engine speed slightly faster.
  7. Repeat step five, but raise engine speed very quickly.
  8. Shut off the vehicle and leave it alone for two minutes or more.

Shift adapt resets are necessary for installing a rebuilt transmission successfully. Failing to take this important step can cause problems for your customers, from hard shifting to internal transmission damage. So take the time to perform this important procedure correctly.


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