Buick Regals Delay reverse or drive

Buick Regal’ss may have a delay when shifting into drive or reverse. The transmission will engage when the rpm is increased to around 1500 rpm. No transmission codes will be found in the vehicle’s computer but you may find fuel pressure codes stored.

This condition may be caused by a low fuel volume or pressure condition that creates erratic and low engine idle. When the computer detects a engine stall or a near stall condition such a low fuel level, with the transmission range switch in the drive or reverse range the tcm will command the c1 and c3 clutches off. The transmission may preceive this type of stall condition as the converter related problem . In response the tcm requests the engine stall avoidance mode in the transmission software.

Fix the fuel problem and you will have fixed the transmission.

Categories: Buick Regal

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