Transmission Shift Kits

Transmission Shift Kits add to performance

Most people don’t know it but automobile manufacturers intentionally allow the transmission to slip between gear changes in order to create a smoother transition from one gear to the next. The term for this is shift overlap. In lay terms, this means the transmission is in two gears simultaneously. While this allows for a silky smooth transition between gear changes, it is not necessarily good for the transmission, performance or your wallet. Here’s why:

Shift overlap reduces the efficiency and performance of your vehicle because during shift overlap the clutches for both gears are slipping. This spells lost power, wasted fuel and added wear on the transmission clutches. Slipping also creates more heat, which is the #1 transmission killer.

Common Misconception about transmission shift kits

People either do not know that such a product exists or they are aware of shift kits but are misunderstood about what they do and what vehicle applications they are designed for. This is unfortunate because a transmission shift kit is one of the least expensive and most rewarding automatic transmission upgrades that you can make.

The biggest misconception among those that are aware of shift kits is that the kits are for high performance use only. This misunderstanding is somewhat understandable because shift kits are synonymous with high performance. For the performance junkies of the world, installing a shift kit in their street ride or off-road vehicle is a no-brainer as shift kits offer the biggest bang for the buck.

But what most people do not know is that many high performance junkies have shift kits installed in their daily driver vehicles as well. Their motivation for doing so might be slightly different but the end result is the same.

Here are some of the benefits of installing a transmission shift kit in your vehicle.
√ Optimum Performance
√ Improved shifting and power output
√ Eliminates (or drastically reduces) shift overlap and
excessive wear on clutches and banks due to slippage
√ Less heat buildup inside the transmission thus increasing
the service life of the transmission fluid and the
√ Increased fuel mileage. The added efficiency of delivering more
power to the drive wheels requires less fuel to travel the same distance.

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