April and October are Car Care Months

April and October are Car Care Months

The Car Care Council provides service information to both consumers and automotive repair professions on the importance of regular maintenance services. For consumers it’s an excellent resource because it reminds people of often-forgotten services that’ll help extend the life of their car. For industry professionals it helps them provide this valuable information to the public.

Twice a year, April and October, the Car Care Council emphasizes the importance of regular maintenance by supporting Car Care Month. Auto repair business can register for the events and invite people of their community to come in and learn more about how to maintain their car. These programs are free to the public. One of the more commonly under-serviced components is the automatic transmission. Regular services can greatly extend the life of an automatic transmission. A rebuilt transmission can cost upwards of $3,000 so regular services can go a long way in avoiding that expense.

To learn more about Car Care Month and business supporting this program go to www.carcare.org. To learn more about servicing your transmission visit the service section of this website. Also don’t forget to take your car to a local ATRA transmission repair specialist to make sure you are using the correct fluid.

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