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Since 1986, Kings Transmissions has been known throughout the Eastside for our expert Seattle transmission maintenance and services. Improve the performance of your vehicle with Seattle transmission repair and replacement services from our qualified staff in Seattle, Washington. Our family-owned and operated business is proud to feature a knowledgeable, dependable and honest Seattle transmission mechanic staff backed by more than 60 years of combined transmission replacement and repair experience.

Transmission Repairs

Our staff rebuilds, repairs, and installs standard and automatic transmissions for all makes and models of foreign and domestic cars, trucks and motor homes. From a basic Seattle transmission flush to a complete rebuild of your system, our mechanics are well-versed in all the nuances of automobile transmission service. For your peace of mind, our business offers nationwide warranties for 3 years or 36,000 miles with extended options available.

Other Mechanical Services

In addition to our Seattle transmission repair services, our expert mechanics also provide a wide range of other automobile maintenance and repair services. Visit our Mechanical Services Page for a comprehensive list of our services.

se habla espanolAbout Kings Transmissions

We feature a state-of-the-art facility and a staff of ASTG-certified Seattle transmission mechanics that can repair and rebuild all new and used transmissions. At Kings Transmission, we recognize that the customer comes first, which is why we offer free local towing. Our convenient location in South Seattle makes us the premier destination for Seattle transmission diagnostics and repairs. Visit us today to take advantage of our free estimates, diagnostic testing and road testing services.

A Trusted Name in The Industry for Over 20 Years

In 1989, King 5 News implemented an undercover investigation exposing transmission shop rip-offs in the Seattle area.  Of the eighteen shops they visited, only three didn’t try to scam the undercover King 5 customer: Kings Transmissions of Seattle was one of those shops.

E-mail or call us at (206) 624-1859 to ask our staff a question about our Seattle transmission repair service.

For more transmission information about Seattle transmission maintenance and our other services, visit Kings Transmission blog.


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I Have Had Work Done On Both Of My Cars And It Was The Best I took my car to Kings... 

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When my 98 Toyota Avalons transmission went out in Jan. 2010 I found Kings Transmission... 

Best shop in Seattle

Had my clutch replaced by Kings last summer. They quoted a price and told me they... 

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Transmission Repair Information

Mercedes Transmission Problems Seattle Area

The new Mercedes cars and SUV’s transmission now come equipped with the newly designed 722.9 automatic transmission.  In there attempt to cut out secondary repair shops they have designed the transmission control unit (computer) to be a part of the valve-body solenoid assembly.   After rebuilding and replacing this part the computer must be relearned-re-flashed... [Read more of this review]

Transmission shutters, slips?

Transmission shudder is a recurrent problem that afflicts millions of vehicles nationwide. But while the issue is common, its causes are not always easy to find. Here’s a look at how to troubleshoot this frequent complaint. What Is Transmission Shudder? Drivers usually notice transmission shudder when they are driving between 40-60 mph. They feel... [Read more of this review]

Ford and Mazda CD4E transmission

Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute Automatic Transmissions The Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute both utilize the CD4E automatic transmission. The CD4E is also used in the Ford Contour and Mazda 626. These transmissions have a number of issues including loss of forward, no second gear, no third gear, and torque converter clutch failure. All of […]  Read More →

Transfer Case Repairs

Many people with 4×4 vehicles have little understanding about how the power from the engine and transmission gets sent to all four wheels.  Lets face it few of us even care until that moment when you go to call on the four wheel drive and its not there.  Vehicles today come with full time four […]  Read More →

Transmission Shift Kits

Most people don’t know it but automobile manufacturers intentionally allow the transmission to slip between gear changes in order to create a smoother transition from one gear to the next. The term for this is shift overlap. In lay terms, this means the transmission is in two gears simultaneously. While this allows for a silky […]  Read More →

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