The clutch is an important part of the vehicle if you drive a manual car, without it, you’d be unable to change between gears. However, like many of your car’s components, your clutch may wear out over time. A failed clutch will leave the car un-drivable until replaced and repaired. Therefore, it helps to understand what signs to watch out for as well as know when your clutch needs replacement or repair so that you won’t get left at the roadside with a vehicle that won’t shift into gear. Continue reading this post to learn the signs and symptoms of a failing clutch.

What Does A Clutch Do?

It’s essential to know what a clutch does regarding your vehicle’s powertrain before diagnosing its problems. A clutch is a component that engages and disengages a transmission or powertrain between several rotating shafts. The clutch connects theses shafts, allowing it to decouple and spin at different speeds or lock together and spin at the equivalent speed. In a car, the clutch is what is used to control the transfer of power from the vehicle’s engine to both the wheels and the transmission.

What Are the Warning Signs?

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms below, you may need a clutch replacement or repair.

1. Spongy or soft clutch

A spongy or soft clutch is one of the first signs you may notice in a worn clutch. As you drive, make sure you take note of how your clutch feels when engaging it. If you have to let the clutch pedal out for the gear to catch, that is a sign of a worn clutch.

2. Slipping gears

If your car transmission seems to be slipping out of gear or if the car seems to jerk or lurch forward as you drive suddenly, there is a good chance that your clutch is worn out and requires repaired or replaced.

3. Burning smell

If you notice that your car is emitting a burning smell when stuck in slow-moving traffic, this is a sign of overheating clutch, and your clutch plate is beginning to wear out. It’s essential to have your clutch checked and replaced or repaired as soon as possible if you notice a burning smell.

4. Grinding noise

If your car exhibits audible symptoms like grinding or squeaking, then it’s likely that the clutch has become worn out. These noises could be because of parts sticking together and pulling apart or loosen component hitting other parts.

5. Shifting troubles

You might be having a failed clutch if you find that your vehicle is hard to shift and doesn’t engage smoothly. Usually, these signs show up initially in reverse or first gear, so pay particular attention when shifting into these gears.

Who Can Help?

If you’d experience any of the symptoms mentioned above in your car, the professionals at King’s Transmissions can provide clutch repair and replacement services for you in Seattle. Please contact the specialists to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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