You rely on your car to get you around town, to work and school and to drive your children to school and activities. When something goes wrong, you can’t ignore the problem. One of the issues that can occur is damage to the transmission. If your car has problems shifting, you may need professional transmission service in Seattle.

Do I Need Transmission Service in Seattle?

Some signs may indicate your car needs transmission service in Seattle. One of the first signs of transmission trouble is often a humming noise that you might notice when you drive. Sometimes the car may jerk or make a popping noise when it accelerates through the gears. If you see any of these noises, they are symptoms of a potential problem with your transmission. Get your transmission inspected as soon as possible. When you get a professional inspection, you will prevent the problem from getting worse.

Services to Preserve Your Vehicle

At King’s Transmission, we offer expert transmission service in Seattle that will help preserve your vehicle. Transmission fluid drain and replacement services remove your old fluid and replace it with new fluid to prevent problems. You should replace your fluid every two years. This is especially important as your car becomes older. The transmission filter collects debris and contaminants. You need to replace the filter to make the transmission perform more efficiently. You should replace old transmission fluid with a flush. Flush service cleans the system to provide a smoother ride and a longer transmission life.

Do I Need To Replace My Transmission?

Transmission replacement or rebuild is not always necessary. If you have a minor transmission problem, we may be able to resolve it with a transmission fluid flush or filter change. Sometimes, you may have to consider a new transmission. At King’s Transmission, we have the experience and expertise to evaluate your vehicle and recommend the proper course of action. We know that you want to keep your expenses to a minimum, so we won’t recommend services unless you need them. When we replace your transmission, it will give new life to your vehicle. As long as your car is in excellent mechanical condition, it will last a long time. We provide a 5-year or 50,000-mile warranty.

About King’s Transmission

At King’s Transmission, we have been providing high-quality transmission service in Seattle for more than 30 years. We understand transmissions and our mechanics have training and expertise with all makes and models. We know how to analyze a transmission problem, so you can rely on our experience to ensure that we give you the correct diagnosis. Our team is here to provide you with the best and most dependable services at prices you can afford. In addition to transmission services, we also work on clutches, differentials, drivelines, transfer cases, axles, and rear end seals. Regular maintenance and repairs will improve the condition of your vehicle and ensure a long life. We offer free estimates. You can call us today or schedule an appointment online.

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